On Top of the World

Every day at a random time, the ones on top-10 of any of these categories, get nice bonuses. Complete explanation here. Use command "CONSUME item_id amount" example "CONSUME BEER 25" to get your name up here.

Healthiest nowHappiest nowMost Wise now
1 Citrona (2107)10,226,900Citrona (2107)1,564,060Kristin (1210)1,462,590
2Polo (2073)6,023,240Polo (2073)539,060Citrona (2107)1,256,140
3 mulu (1258)1,143,540mulu (1258)465,011Polo (2073)1,037,000
4 Kristin (1210)524,744Kristin (1210)342,541Taf (1906)725,061
5 Johan "Speed" Matthiasson (1273)486,697Taf (1906)123,140Johan "Speed" Matthiasson (1273)398,556
6Marco (2072)228,634Johan "Speed" Matthiasson (1273)85,578The Marquess of Vesrof (111)127,800
7 Tweedledum (583)197,920Budyn von Sznikers (1106)28,745Icxicx (1738)117,673
8Taf (1906)158,428The Marquess of Vesrof (111)28,006Clen (1257)90,028
9 The Marquess of Vesrof (111)152,694Icxicx (1738)23,494Zod (1275)78,052
10Icxicx (1738)135,724Clen (1257)15,000Budyn von Sznikers (1106)41,603
11 Budyn von Sznikers (1106)47,453Zod (1275)14,080Vigens (1092)19,338
12Zod (1275)26,367Vigens (1092)6,585Egert (1287)8,844
13 King Crichton (130)22,687Janari (1460)3,343Janari (1460)7,742
14 Clen (1257)15,000King Crichton (130)2,395King Crichton (130)6,117
15 Johnny (2068)14,502Egert (1287)1,457Samuel Libre (1028)5,949