On Top of the World

Every day at a random time, the ones on top-10 of any of these categories, get nice bonuses. Complete explanation here. Use command "CONSUME item_id amount" example "CONSUME BEER 25" to get your name up here.

Healthiest nowHappiest nowMost Wise now
1Marco (2072)29,118Budyn von Sznikers (1106)95,999Kristin (1210)53,317
2 Budyn von Sznikers (1106)27,099Kristin (1210)8,869The Marquess of Vesrof (111)37,545
3Vigens (1092)13,836Zod (1275)5,570Taf (1906)33,253
4 Kristin (1210)8,869Vigens (1092)4,734Budyn von Sznikers (1106)23,926
5 The Marquess of Vesrof (111)7,530Taf (1906)3,033Vigens (1092)17,873
6Taf (1906)6,023Egert (1287)1,865skrtsremmurd (1072)10,406
7Zod (1275)4,884drummerboy (428)1,434Egert (1287)9,772
8 mulu (1258)3,878Janari (1460)1,327Janari (1460)7,928
9 Egert (1287)2,343Icxicx (1738)1,315Icxicx (1738)7,439
10 skrtsremmurd (1072)1,840skrtsremmurd (1072)1,079Zod (1275)6,102
11Icxicx (1738)1,474mulu (1258)868drummerboy (428)5,714
12Janari (1460)1,398Johan "Speed" Matthiasson (1273)640GW Evergreen (369)5,618
13 Clen (1257)1,289Clen (1257)628Earl Tombot, Grand Ambassador of the QGC (215)4,080
14 drummerboy (428)1,133GW Evergreen (369)420Clen (1257)1,917
15 GW Evergreen (369)1,016Earl Tombot, Grand Ambassador of the QGC (215)360Odin (1001)1,613